In 2008, Reverend Robin Blair, Executive Director and Founder of Common Good Radio™, began this digital ministry to fill a need: digital life seemed empty of faith formation for children.

She prayed to invite children to arts as expression of faith through the place children were appearing by the thousands – digital culture. She devotes herself to this interactive, web-based ministry where faith formation is lived inside and outside the walls of a faith community building and the voices of children are heard; the Internet is a mission field. As a media professional and ordained clergywoman, she is called and qualified to stand in the center of the project.  Young people now have an online chaplain that listens to them, hears their concerns and joys (The Projects Podcasts) and responds with affirmations of hope and love not only on the podcasts, but the web stream, Common Good Radio. 

Music and Message

Blair and the Common Good Radio™ advisory board believe music invites people to participate in the transcendent. Their devotion to providing a contemporary interactive voice for children and their families is unparalleled and ground breaking. Children provide the witness between the songs of the common good as the thing that binds us together in the human community, like a kindness between us all.  Children from all over send in these blessings. It is part of the Common Good Radio experience to be a part of creating the media they listen to!

Labor of Love

Not only is the music on Common Good Radio™ age-appropriate, hip, fun, hopeful and faith supportive, Common Good Radio™ does not accept commercial advertising dollars. Rev. Blair uses her awareness of advertising impact statistics on children, consumerism and well- being; stating “For example, the average American 8-year old kid has been exposed to over 7500 food ads alone per year, which according to a recent Yale University study and common sense, adds to the illness and obesity in children in the USA today."

Spiritual Nurture

These statistics are evidence of not only physical, but spiritual harm to our children and us. As stewards of the spiritual lives of children, we cannot support this negative trend. At Common Good Radio, we see how the children, due to their vulnerability, are exploited through media for the  purpose of profit; as a social justice issue we offer Common Good Radio in resistance to this exploitation. We offer Common Good Radio as spiritual nurture.

Media Literacy

Common Good Radio™ educates families about the messages media sends and creates media that offers alternative healthy, heartfelt, and caring choices, so they can make faithful choices in consumer culture.  Please check in with our blog for tips on media literacy as spiritual care for your family. 

Common Good Radio™ is a forum for addressing the idea of media literacy as spiritual care in a family.  We model the intentional effort to be deliberate in media choices for our programming; as parents we are seeking out music and songs that lift the spirit, name the blessing or offer fun through arts expression. We play the music of artists that create this music because their efforts need to be heard! This is a delightfully spiritual matter! 

Common Good Radio™’s philosophy, and manifestation of the spirit, embraced by the virtual audience, unites the worlds of cyberspace and lived experience in spreading the need for media literacy for families immersed in today's media culture. Common Good Radio™ does more than share the language and skills of media literacy with others; it creates digital media for children that provides a healthy alternative to the violent, sexualized, advertising-driven media that they are exposed to on a daily basis.

Common Good Radio™ fills a need parents have when looking for music/media options that offer positive messages. Listeners in over 60 countries are tuned in to the blessings of Common Good Radio™.

Blair tends to all aspects of Common Good Radio as Executive Director and Chaplain.  Any questions about purpose, staffing, mission, financial agency, production or volunteering can be directed to her: 

Thank you for your prayers, hope, gifts and support. 

advisory board members

Robin Blair, 
Founder, Chaplain &  Executive Director (Biography)

Rev Dr Robin Blair.jpg

Rev. Carl Johnson,
Clergy, Parent

Rev. Inell Claypool, 
Clergy, Parent

Ms. Marie Russo, NFP Administration Expertise, Aunt

Ms. Tessa Hill, NFP Administration Expertise, Parent, Founder:

Mr. Jack Allocco, 
Musician, Composer, Parent

Ms. Michele Simler, Art Therapist

Mrs. Lydia Boddie-Rice, 
Community Activist, Visual Artist, Business Owner, Marketing expert, NFP Founder, Cross-Currents Minority Rowing, parent

Ms. Della Ludwig,
Pastor, Middle school English teacher, Instructional Coach, Marketing Executive, Aunt

Mr. Ben Carr, Parent, computer programming expertise