You can help encourage imagination, music, arts as an expression of faith in children, and that we can share things for the common good!



  1. Listen to our programming with and without your kids! Sing along, and tell your friends about our Internet radio station (use the App to show them!)
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  4. Make suggestions of music and stories your kids would like to hear (without commercials that exploit the vulnerabilities of childhood).
  5. Connect your scout group, faith community or school to Common Good Radio. If you make a missional partnership with us, we will name you online with our thanks. Contact us!



Make your tax deductible donation here! Common Good Radio‘s missional efforts are all volunteer but we have bills to pay and a small budget to get it all done. Your donation will help keep us present online so kids have something to encourage imagination, music, arts as an expression of faith, and the idea that we can share things for the common good. (More info about your donation)



Rev. Blair, a United Methodist clergywoman, believes that the expression of our humanity through arts is important to the journey of life in faith, particularly through sound. Connections and partnerships with local churches provide children and families with bridges built through music, spoken word and digital ministry. The beauty of experiencing the Common Good Radio™ music stream in the local church is the community that shares it. The children, in their own faith context, can create their programming to send in for our global Internet station to play, thus contributing to the mission field of the Internet – then hear it online! Imagine the beauty of faith formation in action that the children take out the door of the church with them and into their homes and hearts!

If you are a religious professional and would like to form a bridge of partnership with Common Good Radio, please...