Married to the Media: A Wrinkle in Time

Pastor Robin and Cass dive deep into Christian theology this week in their wrap-up of Disney's A Wrinkle In Time (as part of their "What You Can Watch on Netflix" series!). Based on Madeline l'Engel's book of the same name, A Wrinkle in Time is a fantastical sci-fi adventure that hones in on those oft-depicted angsts of teenager-dom. Meg, our main character, is struggling with school and her social life while being preoccupied with the mysterious disappearance of her father. Her little brother, Charles Wallace, while wonderful, is an eccentric and precocious boy who is also teased mercilessly by his classmates. He enlists the help of some magical women to take him, Meg, and their friend Calvin on a journey to find their missing father. 

We explore the message of ubiquitous love, truth, and the spiritual implications in A Wrinkle in Time, as well as our nerdy film-critic takes on the artistic direction and how it helps the messages hit home. And maybe comment on Oprah's make-up a little bit.