The Mission of Common Good Radio

Families in the 21st-century journey with fast paced technology and media programming which deliberately targets children to influence them as consumers.  Consumerism may be a fact of life, but the media that makes it real to children may also be something a parent chooses to monitor carefully.  Media is here to stay and is part of how we educate, communicate and entertain ourselves.  Parents who care about what influences the tenderest hearts of the youngest among us have to ask: How does media nurture rather than exploit?  

Kids need to live in a world where they are free to explore their hearts, minds, and spirits in creative and compassionate ways.  We make the choice to honor what connects us to the common good like love, peace, kindness, integrity, faith, respect and justice.  All programming is vetted (handcrafted) to leave behind the exploitation of young people common in culture today.  On Common Good Radio, hear kids speak to kids, with kids, as they give voice to their truths.