Podcast: Married to Media

It would be terrific if all media messages from major platforms were meant to lift the spirit, respect differing opinions, and inspire understanding.  Overwhelmingly, though, this isn't the case. Families in particular suffer when children's media doesn't take care to nurture its audience. Programs and  messages designed for  children tend to be involved in influencing consumer behavior more than education, and there can be genuine spiritual harm in absorbing these consumerist messages as "normal".   Television shows, books, podcasts, Youtube videos, games, and music are so influential to young hearts and minds. But mass media is a business, driven by the need for profit, and that can't be overlooked in our consumption of media. Parents need to be mindful of the profit-driven motives of the media children consume, and you probably already know this! 

As past, current, and future parents that work in media, we are focused on caring for our children and helping others be active in their understanding of family content. And we want to give you the tools to understand the messages you hear, so you can help your children be active participants in their media consumption- not just a passive audience.

There are many voices that speak to the need for a kinder media for children and families. We listen to them here.  Rev. Robin Blair, DMin, and media producer, Cass Medcalf, host and speak to how we can carve out a friendship with media that helps, not hurts, the most vulnerable among us. 

Podcast samples coming soon!