Married to the Media: Brave

Pastor Robin and Cass don't exactly see eye to eye on this last installment of their Disney Princess saga. There was a lot riding on this movie when Merida was added to the Disney Princess line: it was Pixar's first jaunt into the Princess narrative, and one of the only Pixar movies to feature a female protagonist (coming from a studio with a reputation for a less-than-fair work environment for women). We'll save our Pixar qualms for another episode; but Cass doesn't exactly hold her punches when addressing Merida this week.

So what makes Merida different from the other princesses of the "Disney Renaissance"? Does Brave hold up as a "better representation of feminism" in 2018? What does Brave say about family relationships? Who is this movie for?

Pastor Robin offers crucial Cliff-Notes for the faith lessons in this film, while Cass takes on a modern feminist perspective. It's clear that baby boomers and millennials get different messages when watching this film, so how can you help your family develop their understanding together? We hope you'll enjoy this episode of Married to the Media as much as we enjoyed making it!